An Introduction To Manna Groups

In today’s Marketplace of Abundance there are more meritorious products, services, candidates and causes than people need, want or care to consider. Offering a solution to this problem is what we do.

Manna Groups is a business, strategy and communication consultancy. Our dual purpose is: to explain how successful products, services, candidates, causes and messages are created; and to foster the talent required to bring about success.

In the past, a product, service, candidate or cause succeeded by filling a need. Today, all needs have been filled and a product, service, candidate or cause succeeds only to the degree that it displaces a competitor.

Manna Groups is built on the tenets of Customer DNA, Broadcasting, Unusual Mind and Sculpture. These tenets are the means to conquering today's marketplace of abundance. We start with Customer DNA.

Customer DNA

Though it's not possible to know exactly what a person is thinking, it is possible to know how people think.


Identify existing beliefs that will successfully parlay with products, services, candidates and causes.

Unusual Mind

Develop the talent to discover basic and invariable meaning before it becomes obvious to others.

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