Matt Manna

Matt Manna

Matt MannaMatt Manna has more than 25 years experience as a communications specialist and public speaker. His seminar “Why Things Sell” was recognized as best of show at the 2007 PMA International conference in Las Vegas.

Matt majored in computer science and business administration and entered the financial industry in 1985 as a customer service representative.

He was struck by the number of customers who dismissed his company’s advertising simply because it was advertising. He concluded (and continues to believe) that behavioral effects are achieved by parlaying with customer expectations, not by transmitting company offerings.

Drawing on his technical knowledge he convinced his company to redesign its customer service software into a system that parlayed with customers expectations. This change led to the behavioral effect the company had tried to achieve through advertising.

In 1988 Matt left the financial industry to join his family’s firm as Corporate Communications Director. His task was to create communications that would establish the firm as vendor of first choice. In this capacity he created and frequently delivered conference presentations, produced the company’s nationally distributed catalog, originated video and print sales material and produced user product manuals.

In 1994 Matt was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He retained the corporate communications task and performed in this dual management role until the firm was sold in 2005. The new owners retained him in an advisory capacity for a one-year period.

In 2007 Matt and his father founded Manna Groups, a business strategy and communication consultancy located in Dallas Texas.

Matt Manna
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