Customer DNA

Customer DNA

Customer DNA is Manna Groups fundamental philosophy. The premise of Customer DNA is that while it may not be possible to know exactly what an individual is thinking, it is possible to know how individuals think.

Customer DNA presupposes that success is dependent upon developing products, services, candidates, causes and messages which communicate the basic and invariable meaning or a product or idea as it is understood within the minds of those for whom they are intended. The promise and purpose of Customer DNA is to reveal how people think and further to show how that knowledge can be used to develop successful products, services, candidates, causes and messages.

Article – Changing The Game

Be it a sale, a donation, a just verdict, or acceptance of an idea; in order to survive an organization must be able to motivate specific behavior in others. The promise and purpose of Manna Groups is to explain why people behave the way they do and to foster the talent required to elicit specific behavior from others. We begin with Customer DNA.

Customer DNA stipulates that what we do is dictated by how we think. That is what Manna Groups means by the adage, “You may not know exactly what people are thinking, but you can know how they think.”

For Example: Pretend the two shapes shown below are characters in a new graphic alphabet. One of them is called Buba and the other is called Kiki. If these characters were part of the English alphabet we might call them T & E or W & D. But they are not English alphabet characters, they are part of a pretend graphic alphabet. Which shape would you say is Kiki and which would you say is Buba? Take a minute to try and figure out why.

Which shape would label Buba & which would you label Kiki?

The shapes of Buba and Kiki are inanimate; they make no inference one-way or the other. The reason 97% of all people who take this test say the figure on the right is Buba is because our idea of a Buba (or a Kiki) is the result of how our mind associates shapes to words. A soft shape puts the idea of a soft word into the mind. The idea of a sharp word is brought to mind when presented with a sharp shape. That’s what words are, they are ideas we can pronounce. Sounds are ideas we can hear, gustatory and olfactory sensations are ideas we can taste and smell, pictures are ideas we can see, and tactile stimulations are ideas we can literally feel.

Customer DNA demands acceptance that specific intended behavior results ONLY when messages parlay with how the mind manufactures ideas out of associations. To believe otherwise is to be in the practice of marketing Kiki labeled Buba’s.